“Adalary” complex is being built in the picturesque area of special planning control between Yalta and Alushta.

Gurzuf valley is bounded by the coast of the Black sea from the south, with Ayu Dag mountain from the east, slope of Nikita yaila which ends with Martyan cape and from the north by the main ridge of the Crimean mountains from the west.

Special magnificence to the Gurzuf quay adds Genuese Rock with remnants of ancient fortress and islands twins – Adalary, “Shaliapin cliff” and “Pushkin grot”, Gurzuf quay and cape in the bottom of the Dzhenevez Rock in the greenery of cypresses of which the roof of small house of Chekhov can be seen.

Fanciful chain of the Crimean Mountains which go down to the sea with terraces, mountain rivers Artek and Putanis, evergreen plants add inimitable picturesqueness to the Gurzuf territory.


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